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Pete stopped in for a visit at KB today. That was nice. He skipped out on our last outing for a girl, so I miss him. My boss thought he was weird, but thats okay.
I'm missing my Portland crew something terrible. I'm not used to having to wait a week or more inbetween our visits. Euuugh. I need to remember to call Craiggles.
I was the boss tonight. It was cool. Calvin is the kid I got to boss around but he's such a good guy we just did what we wanted. I sent him to McDonalds to get me food. haha. That felt cool cause I used to be the food runner at Rite Aid. XD
I hope it rains tomorrow so I have an excuse to do nothing.
Unless I go to Portland then I would be sad, if I had to drive in the rain.

I get out of work at 4:30 and then I guess at 5 or 6 we're headed down. Its in Boston/Cambridge/whereeverthefuck. I think I have to head to portland to grab Scott after work but I can totally steal you up on the way. HELLS YEAH. Umm... I dont know if we're taking two cars or not. I dont know who else is going.
I'm real good at this whole planning thing.

Okay my brain stopped working.
SWEET! Count me in. Its actually my first day of work, but I get out at 3, so that works fucking perfectly. I knew I got those hours for a reason.

Let me know more as you know.
oh man, humanwine, lucky!
HOMG. The fact that you recognized that name makes me want to hug you all over the place. XD
GAHHH! Come visit me tomorrow! I haven't seen you in forever and a day and a half! I miss you and I'm selfish, so the Portland people will have to share, right? Right!

Love you!