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Just got my first VA check of the school year. As some of you know, my VA check helps me pay for school; I get it because my father was a disabled veteran, and, he's dead. It's nothing but blood money. And it pays my rent and lets me and Justin eat for a month, but I hate it. The idea of it makes me sick to my stomach. I love buying completely random shit with it because the less I have of it the better I feel.
Somehow that seems wrong. I should be saving any excess money I have for the future. But I dont like it.
It barely cuts even anyway with rent and bills, but, somehow, the idea of living comfortably because my father died just doesnt sit well with me.
Maybe... think of it as him helping you out. Like, he wouldn't let his daughter live in the cold and starve. So think of it as him taking care of you.

Maybe it won't make you as sick then.