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Just got my first VA check of the school year. As some of you know, my VA check helps me pay for school; I get it because my father was a disabled veteran, and, he's dead. It's nothing but blood money. And it pays my rent and lets me and Justin eat for a month, but I hate it. The idea of it makes me sick to my stomach. I love buying completely random shit with it because the less I have of it the better I feel.
Somehow that seems wrong. I should be saving any excess money I have for the future. But I dont like it.
It barely cuts even anyway with rent and bills, but, somehow, the idea of living comfortably because my father died just doesnt sit well with me.
Just wanted to show off my little girl. :)

Milliway!Collapse )
She's such a bundle of joy. I loves her.

Which means I can access AIM, Myspace, and Facebook. First time in almost two years!!!
This is always the depressing part of the summer. I've moved out for school three times now, and it never gets easier.

But this is the first year of college that I wont have a horrible living situation. That's a lot of consolation, anyway.

I have a pet rat. I'll post some pictures when we get the internets hooked up in our apartment. Yes, you heard me. I'M GETTING THE INTERNETS! AND Cable! First year of college I only had internet. Second year I only had cable. THIS YEAR I HAVE BOTH. Whats that? No, you dont understand. This is great news, I tell you.

Okay, back to my rat. Shes a baby, and shes white, and her name is Milliway Fiyagi. XD If you know the story for the name, you rule. This rat is sweeter then my cat. She cuddles. She plays "chase"... she falls asleep on me. She's wonderful. :)

On an unrelated note, i really have to learn to cook.
Happy Birthday to meeeeeee.

20 is such a sucky age. XD

My birthdays were cursed to be horrible from that day forward once I turned 16, and the last two moved mountains, soooo... I'm expecting some pretty shitty things today.

Justin's mother has already happened to ruin most of it.

But, so far... at 10:15 in the morning. Its going pretty well... :)

(JKRowling gave me the best birthday gift ever, by the way)

Its in the Preble Street Building, ya know, the one where Scott lives! And its BEAUTIFUL! We have one of those awesome windows like the one Scott has.
(Yes, Johna, I'm talking to you. No one else on here has seen Scott's appartment.)
And and and. We live on the 5th floor. Aaaaand, its small, but its OURS!!!!! Its one good sized room with a kitchette and a bathroom. OMG I CAN EVEN POST PICTURES!

PICTURES!!!!!11111lol!!!Collapse )

Okay. We need to have a "housewarming" party. Which means we need to send Scott with my car and a lot of monies to get us some foo foo. XD

HAHA!!! We move in the first of August. BUT.... we both still need to work for another a month SO... we will still be in Berwick, unless otherwise notited. Until September first. Woo.

Holly Brewer of HUMANWINE kissed Pete (and not for the first time) and I really wished I was him.
XD Damn men.
I got in at 4ish and Im so exhausted but I have to go to work. Pete and Scott stayed out for Pancakes and I dont know how they're functioning right now, if they even are. Or how Scott got back to portland, if he even did.
Johna, are you alive?
Pete stopped in for a visit at KB today. That was nice. He skipped out on our last outing for a girl, so I miss him. My boss thought he was weird, but thats okay.
I'm missing my Portland crew something terrible. I'm not used to having to wait a week or more inbetween our visits. Euuugh. I need to remember to call Craiggles.
I was the boss tonight. It was cool. Calvin is the kid I got to boss around but he's such a good guy we just did what we wanted. I sent him to McDonalds to get me food. haha. That felt cool cause I used to be the food runner at Rite Aid. XD
I hope it rains tomorrow so I have an excuse to do nothing.
Unless I go to Portland then I would be sad, if I had to drive in the rain.

I get out of work at 4:30 and then I guess at 5 or 6 we're headed down. Its in Boston/Cambridge/whereeverthefuck. I think I have to head to portland to grab Scott after work but I can totally steal you up on the way. HELLS YEAH. Umm... I dont know if we're taking two cars or not. I dont know who else is going.
I'm real good at this whole planning thing.

Okay my brain stopped working.
So, I totally love my job.
I'm really enjoying being the boss, and not having someone tell me what to do. I was afraid of having to much responsibility at first, but now I love it.
I love having the store to myself and being able to just float around and play with things and talk to customers and their kids.
Its... just weird. I mean, its a job. So obviously I'd rather be running around at the beach or hanging out with people... but its not a horrible alternative. Its rather fun.
On mornings I open the store. I count all the cash and do a whole hour's worth of computer work. And then I have a check list I have to go through. 
One of the numbers on the list says, "Make sure all employees are playing with a toy when not busy with a customer." How cool is that?
Yeah, pretty effing cool.
I have to make people play with shit.
Cause, kids see you playing with it and they get all hot over it, and beg their parents for one.
And when sales go up, I'm doing my job right.
OMG. Its like having a REAL job. Not just a... "hi, how are you, here's your change, here's your reciept, have a good day," kind of thing. I'm not a zombie. Theres like... stuff to do.

But I have tomorrow off so I'm going to the beach. Pffft hellz yeaz.
Thanks Johna for knocking sense into me. :)

I am officially the new Assistant Manager at KBToys. XD Best. Job. Ever.
I hope. It sounds it anyway.

Only downside is its in Kittery. 45 minute drive. Euuugh.
But its KBtoys and I get a 30% discount. XD HAHA.

Please, no one come visit me at work for a week or two, cause I'm training. But after that theres no stopping you. Not even a boss, cause, I will be the boss. XD

Its like everytime something goes right, theres something wrong waiting just around the corner.

I came back home. I left that horrible apartment and that psycho bitch. I got my car all registered and insured and ready to drive.

Now I have my crack addict cousin and her four year old running away from the state of florida and about to knock on my door. Again.

This should be an exciting fucking summer.