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Its like everytime something goes right, theres something wrong waiting just around the corner.

I came back home. I left that horrible apartment and that psycho bitch. I got my car all registered and insured and ready to drive.

Now I have my crack addict cousin and her four year old running away from the state of florida and about to knock on my door. Again.

This should be an exciting fucking summer.
Jesus christ.
I'm sorry :(
Dani, you rock a lot more than you give yourself credit for. Take it as an adventure and be prepared to let both of your mid digits fly.
Live with me. Same commute to wherever you work, but still away from crack addict husband.

And oh, lover, I'll cover you. Yes I will. ^_^

(miss you! love you! I'll visit!)

ps- I get home next saturday. when is a good day to tackle you?

I leave in a month. I want to see you so badly! call me!!!
Im sure I'd really wanna see you too but I dont know who you are! :cries: