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Thanks Johna for knocking sense into me. :)

I am officially the new Assistant Manager at KBToys. XD Best. Job. Ever.
I hope. It sounds it anyway.

Only downside is its in Kittery. 45 minute drive. Euuugh.
But its KBtoys and I get a 30% discount. XD HAHA.

Please, no one come visit me at work for a week or two, cause I'm training. But after that theres no stopping you. Not even a boss, cause, I will be the boss. XD


I didn't realize I was knocking sense into you. i was just fucking around.

...I mean.... Yes.

Of course. I'm awesome.
And your awesome! Yay job! With toys!
I SOO WANT TO VISIT YOU AT WORK! I can visit your at your house too! Or you can visit me!!

Joy. Love you!
You should SO let me use that discount to get Bailey some sweet toys....not really but congrats on the super awesome job.

I don't have an E-mail address but my phone number is 459-9906,....It would be super to see you again!

Bailey just drew me a wonderful picture, it's beautiful.