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So, I totally love my job.
I'm really enjoying being the boss, and not having someone tell me what to do. I was afraid of having to much responsibility at first, but now I love it.
I love having the store to myself and being able to just float around and play with things and talk to customers and their kids.
Its... just weird. I mean, its a job. So obviously I'd rather be running around at the beach or hanging out with people... but its not a horrible alternative. Its rather fun.
On mornings I open the store. I count all the cash and do a whole hour's worth of computer work. And then I have a check list I have to go through. 
One of the numbers on the list says, "Make sure all employees are playing with a toy when not busy with a customer." How cool is that?
Yeah, pretty effing cool.
I have to make people play with shit.
Cause, kids see you playing with it and they get all hot over it, and beg their parents for one.
And when sales go up, I'm doing my job right.
OMG. Its like having a REAL job. Not just a... "hi, how are you, here's your change, here's your reciept, have a good day," kind of thing. I'm not a zombie. Theres like... stuff to do.

But I have tomorrow off so I'm going to the beach. Pffft hellz yeaz.
I'd hate to take pride out of your win, but I feel cool for helping you decide to do it now.

When I finally get a car, I'll totally come visit you. And play with toys. Although that'd probably just scare the kids off.
I totally owe it all to you. XD

And uh... we hardly ever get any customers, except between 1 and 4. So... there arent really any kids to scare off. heh.
i know we haven't talked in a long long looong time, but i miss you, and i only live about 10 minutes away from you. so if you don't hate me, we should hang out sometime.

HOLY SHIT CANDACE. Do you know how often I think about people I used to hang out with and say, "DAMNIT, what happened to Candace?"

And why the hell would I hate you? XD
yay. i'm exactly sure why you would hate me. just expecting it i suppose, since i haven't been around in forever, and apparently after high school everyone seemed to have some kind of grudge against eachother. anyways, i miss you. and i live close, and schools almost done, so i'll fridays and saturdays back. and we should hang out, because i really just have nate. and we always had a good time. annnd yeah. send me a message. <3 =)
Yeaaaah, the end of senior year was kind of a cat fight and I'm sooo glad to be rid of all of them. But you werent there and even if you had been I dont think you would've been a bitch about it. XD Cause youre awesome like that.
Where are you living? I'm back in Berwick. Right now I'm working fridays and saturdays which blows chunks, but I usually have a lot of other days off... we'll figure something out.