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This is always the depressing part of the summer. I've moved out for school three times now, and it never gets easier.

But this is the first year of college that I wont have a horrible living situation. That's a lot of consolation, anyway.

I have a pet rat. I'll post some pictures when we get the internets hooked up in our apartment. Yes, you heard me. I'M GETTING THE INTERNETS! AND Cable! First year of college I only had internet. Second year I only had cable. THIS YEAR I HAVE BOTH. Whats that? No, you dont understand. This is great news, I tell you.

Okay, back to my rat. Shes a baby, and shes white, and her name is Milliway Fiyagi. XD If you know the story for the name, you rule. This rat is sweeter then my cat. She cuddles. She plays "chase"... she falls asleep on me. She's wonderful. :)

On an unrelated note, i really have to learn to cook.
I can teach you how to cook! I'm pretty good! Invite me down some weekend, and I'll show you how to make a whole bunch of stuff! ^_^ yay.

ps- Miss you like holy shit ohmigod woah. Seriously.